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The Campeche North Reprocessing program combines 51,000 km sq of five legacy seismic surveys, Sayab, Ixic, Temoa, Yoka, and HanSur, acquired separately, in the southern Gulf of Mexico Salinas del Istimo Basin. Here, Jurassic age source rocks, Cretaceous carbonates, massive salt structures, and tertiary sediment fairways can be found throughout this geologically complex basin where proven petroleum systems exist throughout the Mesozoic and Tertiary stratigraphic units. The updated seismic and velocity model better images the structural and stratigraphic traps at subsalt level and highlights abyssal plain amplitude anomalies within the local and regional fold systems. The reprocessing of the legacy CNH data integrates the latest processing and imaging techniques across the regional scale contiguous 3D volume while the consistency and scale of the dataset allows the user a seamless perspective from which to explore the petroleum rich basin.

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ION has built on the deep geological knowledge and successes of its SPAN programs to create 3D...