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GrandSPAN is part of a Mega-regional, multi-client seismic program that ties existing ION BasinSPAN programs in the area and provides a continuous seismic dataset across offshore northeast Canada. A primary objective is to provide a calibrated regional correlation across multiple sub-basins for upcoming license rounds. 

The first phase of GrandSPAN was acquired in the summer season of 2018 and consists of approximately 11,000 km of data that ties with the existing ION LabradorSPAN. All processing and imaging deliverables have been completed and delivered. The second phase of approximately 6,000 km to the south combines the offshore Nova Scotia program NovaSPAN, along with an additional 7,000 km of infill to the original phase 1 program. The acquisition of the second phase was completed in October 2019 and is designed to create a contiguous regional seismic data set in excess of 32,000 km offshore northeast Canada. 


With proven producing basins in the region such as Jeanne D’arc, Flemish Pass and Scotian, in addition to under explored proven basins, northeast Canada presents an attractive scenario to near field explorers utilizing existing infrastructure and technology present in the area. 


GrandSPAN provides a margin-wide framework to understand the structural and stratigraphic evolution of northeastern Canada. GrandSPAN is the latest regional seismic data that images all the elements of a petroleum system allowing calibration of all potential field and refraction data with depth imaged basement and Moho to constrain heat flow. Designed to image deep crustal features, the survey will be fully depth migrated and tie 48 key wells to provide a calibrated margin-wide stratigraphic correlation that ties current producing discoveries (e.g. Hibernia, White Rose, Terranova Bjarni, Snorri etc) for calibration with new exploration ideas. 

  • Acquisition of phase II completed October 2019

  • Fast track data will be coming available from early-August 2019 to be of value ahead of the upcoming lease rounds

  • All remaining lines to be delivered as Fast Track PSTM by end-November 2019

  • Evaluate the geological differences between the producing and non-producing areas.

  • Ultimately tie across the entire margin from Nova Scotia to Labrador

Multi-Client Products

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