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Located offshore French Guiana, this reprocessing project is a regional geologic study using 2D seismic developed to further evaluate the resource potential. The project encompasses the Central Atlantic in the west and the Equatorial Atlantic to the southeast.

The survey covers both shallow and deep water sub-basins, including the eastern extent of the Demerara Rise, along the passive margin. The data reveals extensively thick sequences of stratigraphic and potentially volcanic sequences of the Central and Equatorial Atlantic tectonic phases.

  • Understand stratigraphic sections in the prospective Equatorial Atlantic
  • Insight into the Demerara Rise, capturing deep intervals of sedimentary and volcanic sections
  • Reveals varied margin segments
  • Images the French Guiana margin, host to the Zaydeus discovery
  • Conjugate to the many successful fields of Equatorial West Africa
  • 2,470 km of depth-migrated data (offshore French Guiana)
  • Reprocessing using 6,000 m offsets and 8-10 sec record length (French Guiana)
  • Establish a foundation for a greater understanding of the basin architecture
  • Imaged using WiBand broadband processing technology to enhance resolution and improve imaging
  • Provide insight into the geologic evolution of the area

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