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The first seismic survey acquired in the Caribbean waters of offshore Panama in approximately 30 years, ION’s PanamaSPAN program will provide the essential framework to understand the hydrocarbon potential in this underexplored area.

With up to 10,000 km of new seismic data being acquired by ION and designed by the E&P community, PanamaSPAN will allow E&P companies to evaluate offshore Panama ahead of the anticipated inaugural license round.

  • Provide the oil & gas industry with new high-quality seismic data to understand the area’s prospectivity
  • Create a well imaged, deep depth dataset that can provide structural and stratigraphic control of the survey area
  • Understand the tectonic framework of the South West Caribbean
  • Delineate the three distinct deformation elements of the North Panama Deformed Belt (NPDB) based upon their sediments and structural styles
  • Enable E&P companies to evaluate and explore the area ahead of a future license round
  • Unprecedented deep focus: 10,000 m offsets and up to 40 km depth images
  • Lines are oriented at appropriate angles from the isthmus to orthogonally image the accretionary prism of the NPDB
  • The program lines tie to wells and to ION’s AntillesSPAN reprocessing program of the entire Caribbean plate for full regional control
  • Area immediately adjacent to exploration successes in the Purple Angel and Fuerte Sur blocks of Colombia

Multi-Client Products

2D Data
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