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From a mega-regional perspective, the Caribbean plate has been void of consistent and contiguous seismic data, until now. AntillesSPAN will assist in more accurately predicting the presence of source rocks across the Caribbean region by extrapolating from existing well data across the basin. These data will correlate mega-regional features and tectonostratigraphic events.

AntillesSPAN is a dataset of up to approximately 40,000 km composed of multiple offshore legacy surveys from 23 countries in the Caribbean integrated into a single dataset and reprocessed by ION. This dataset was created in a similar scope to the University of Texas’ legacy data, YucatanSPAN in Mexico, which was also reprocessed by ION and integrated into the regional Gulf of Mexico programs. The surveys that comprise AntillesSPAN originate from multiple data sources.

The countries that comprise AntillesSPAN include: Turks & Caicos in the Bahamas; Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in the Greater Antilles; Grenada and Barbados in the Lesser Antilles; Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama in Central America; Colombia in South America.

  • Accurately predict source rock presence across the Caribbean region by extrapolation from existing wells
  • Correlate mega-regional features and tectono-stratigraphic events across the basin
  • Improve the understanding of the geological evolution and tectonic development of the current plate using a mega-regional framework of well imaged data
  • Provide a single consistent contiguous dataset encompassing the whole plate using a proven scope of work and deliverables, most relevantly our YucatanSPAN data
  • Expand and provide contiguous coverage with our Mexico and SE Caribbean datasets
  • Drive future new acquisition based upon results
  • Tie to existing wells and ION surveys including: YucatanSPANCaribeSPAN, and Barbados Reprocessing
  • Provide a single data set to understand the regional geologic framework
  • Accelerated delivery will be available for prioritized areas as the project progresses
  • 40,000+ km dataset with offsets of 2,400 meters to 6,200 meters and record lengths of 6 to 15 seconds acquired from 1975 to 2004
  • Approximately 70% of the data will be >10 second record length

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