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PelotasSPAN is part of the contiguous surveys that transect the major geological provinces in the South Atlantic Margin from the French Guiana-Brazil border to Argentina. Set in the Pelotas and Southern Santos basins, PelotasSPAN is helping to reveal the hydrocarbon potential of the region. This regional seismic and potential field study ties to the BrasilSPAN Pre-salt Study to the north and UruguaySPAN to the south.

PelotasSPAN consists of ~10,500 km of long-offset, depth-imaged data migrated to 40 km and provides significant new clues to the crustal architecture and tectonic evolution of the margin. The dataset provides an improved understanding of the transition from the salt areas of Southern Santos to the Pelotas where no salt was deposited.

PelotasSPAN ties into another 2D multi-client survey, consisting of ~3,900 km, acquired by ION over the BMP-2 block. The dense 2D grid is available for licensing through ION.

  • Better understand the regional geology of the area
  • Reveal the southern extent of the salt
  • Image the magmatic rifted margin and Moho
  • Provide added insight into the exploration potential
  • Deep crustal imaging to 40km
  • Area’s first regional, depth-imaged seismic dataset that provides the basis for a more accurate understanding of the regional geology and basin architecture
  • Improved understanding of the distribution of Cretaceous and Tertiary source rocks
  • Better delineation of the location and nature of plate boundaries and crustal types
  • Ties and transects key structural and depositional features and important wells

Multi-Client Products

2D Data
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