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BrasilSPAN is a multi-phased regional PreSDM seismic dataset and geologic study. The three studies tie together 30,000 km of data to provide an extensive deep-basin framework and model for the hydrocarbon potential of rifted continental fragments across Brazil’s deepwater provinces. The programs use this relationship to build better outboard models beyond Lula and Jupiter discoveries. The South Atlantic conjugate for this area is Angola, containing the large Kwanza basin and pre-salt discoveries.

  • Provide a consistent regional depth framework and comprehensive interpretation to better understand the region’s tectonic architecture
  • Map the active petroleum systems and develop new play ideas
  • Campos & Santos – imaging of the salt overlying thick igneous crust and deep listric fault bounded seaward dipping reflector complexes
  • Espírito Santo – imaging of thick evaporite sequences separated by mini-basins, volcanic influenced rifted continental basement and structural closures from allochthonous salt
  • Unprecedented deep focus: 10,000 m offsets and 40km depth images
  • Improved pre-salt imaging of the majority of the study area of Espírito Santo, Campos and Santos with advanced RTM depth imaging
  • Both Kirchhoff and RTM pre-stack depth deliverables
  • Ties to key discoveries, structural and depositional features

Multi-Client Products

2D Data
ION has geophysical superiority in processing and imaging that has been proven time and again in...
BasinSPAN surveys have a long offset and are typically depth imaged to 40 km. The programs are...