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The Neuquén Basin Project is a regionally integrated multi-client program in the region that features Argentina’s premium unconventional resource, the Vaca Muerta. The Vaca Muerta formation is one of the most prospective unconventional resource plays in the world with an estimated 16 billion barrels of recoverable hydrocarbons.

The first phase of the Vaca Muerta project incorporates twenty-five legacy 3D seismic surveys, totaling 9,000 sq. km. that have been successfully merged into a single data volume. The second phase of the program, which is in progress, will nearly triple the project size to 25,000 sq km with an additional 62 surveys, incorporating 150+ wells, and adding ~3,300 km of 2D reimaged seismic data. This seismic volume covers some of the most productive oil and gas fields in Argentina.

The Vaca Muerta is a complex play and this integrated data set will help to provide a better regional understanding of the formation and its stratigraphic variability.


In a highly productive region, the Neuquén Basin Project presents an attractive, low risk and inexpensive alternative to new data acquisition. The US EIA estimates total recoverable hydrocarbons from this Vaca Muerta Formation to be 16.2 billion barrels of oil. Future interpretation studies derived from this information will produce a full basin-wide characterization of all major intervals, including the Vaca Muerta Formation.


The Neuquén basin is considered relatively underexplored and underdeveloped, with several untapped hydrocarbon pay zones. The formation covers a total area of 30,000 square kilometers.

The Vaca Muerta formation is a Late Triassic to Early Cretaceous source and reservoir rock for some of the largest oil and gas fields in Argentina.

  • Tools to explore this world-class unconventional resource
  • Improve regional and reservoir level understand of the Neuquén Basin
  • Low Risk, inexpensive alternative to new data acquisition

Multi-Client Products

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