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The Austral and Malvinas basins, offshore Argentina, are located in the South Atlantic within a relatively under-explored petroleum region. The Austral Malvinas data package consists of more than 30,000 kms of multi-generational 2D datasets covering both basins.

The two basins are separated by the Rio Chico High which provides the setting for potential stratigraphic traps in deltaic intervals in the Tertiary section sourced from the South, adjacent to the Scotian foldbelt. Other play-types that should be considered are structures within the Foldbelt itself, and the deeper Springhill structural play just above basement.In the southern Malvinas Basin there also exists the potential for turbidite deposits within the thick sedimentary sequences north of the foldbelt.

With ION’s 11,500 km ArgentineSPAN dataset we bring 10 years of knowledge and expertise gained from working within this area to create a new interpretation dataset over the 30,000 kms of data.

The seismic and well data were provided via an E&P operator partnership, for which ION has secured the exclusive licensing rights.

Data Package Highlights:

  • Comprehensive project of 30,000 km 2D seismic, well data and interpretation available now
  • Interpretation tied to ArgentineSPAN
  • Inventory of potential prospects
  • Regional and structural tectonic framework provided in full technical report
  • Additional depth products available 
  • For Operators to build and execute a rapid evaluation strategy for the region
  • Identify the potential stratigraphic traps in deltaic intervals
  • Map and interpret over 30,000 kms of vintage data contained in the project tied to the ArgentineSPAN program
  • Describe the regional framework and an inventory of potential prospects and leads
  • Improved understanding of the Austral and Malvinas basins
  • ION’s knowledge gained for working ArgentineSPAN, the only modern data available for nearly 10 years
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation

Multi-Client Products

2D Data
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