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ION and PGS are collaborating on a global 2D seismic multi-client data library that comprises of a million-line kilometers of uniquely complementary data to inform exploration business decisions for E&P operators.

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Identify exploration opportunities more efficiently

The combined 2D library provides E&P companies with a more efficient way to identify and high-grade attractive frontier investment opportunities. Both companies have high-quality, multi-client data libraries that together cover all the significant hydrocarbon provinces from around the world:

  • Africa
  • Arctic
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America
The joint data library from ION and PGS comprises of a million-line kilometers of seamless 2D seismic data around the world.

Over time, an integrated, seamless 2D seismic data library was developed, creating a comprehensive and data-rich environment. The collaboration extends beyond existing data to include new program activity and the integration of third-party data, where relevant, to further augment the value of the joint library.

Gain greater geological understanding at the basin-scale

Acquired data from our regionally calibrated BasinSPAN™ programs and the GeoStreamer® technology from PGS provides powerful insight during the exploration cycle. Enhanced deliverables with higher resolution and greater spatial coverage offer more reliable pre-stack attributes for exploration screening on a global basis.

The BasinSPAN 2D seismic program is globally recognized as the benchmark tool for exploration insights at the basin-scale. Referencing and integrating the PGS GeoStreamer 2D data library into the framework creates a valuable opportunity to add resolution to understand the geology.

GeoStreamer is a registered trademark of Petroleum Geo-Services ASA.

Explore a million-line kilometers of 2D data from ION & PGS

Access to this powerful multi-client subsurface database is available through the ION SPANViewer™ platform. Ask how you can be a part of it.

  • Comprehensive global 2D seismic data library
  • Comprises of a million-line kilometers
  • More efficient way to identify frontier investment opportunities
  • Provides deeper subsurface insights for critical exploration decisions
  • Available on the ION SPANviewer platform

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