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Northeast (NE) AtlanticSPAN is a large regional survey extending from the Porcupine Basin in southwest Ireland through the Rockall Basin, the Faroes and Shetland Islands, and into the Norway Sector. Phase 1 of NE AtlanticSPAN contains over 7,200 km of high-quality, consistent seismic data, covering three main regions along the continental margin. The program has been specifically designed to image the less explored areas within the region that are recognized to have hydrocarbon potential below thick basalts. NE AtlanticSPAN provides the industry with the only high-quality, consistent dataset for this margin and includes the longest lines ever acquired in the region.

  • Provide regional ties across existing seismic surveys and deep exploration wells
  • Develop improved imaging of deep structures including base basalt and intra-basalt reflectors, sub-basalt structures, and deep crustal structure including the Moho, across the margin
  • Achieve improved regional velocity control throughout the margin
  • Define ocean-continent transition zones
  • Identify sediment input points in deep-water Norway
  • Complement existing shallow data
  • The only contiguous survey of the Northeast Atlantic margin from Ireland through the Faroes, the Shetland Islands, and the Norway sector
  • Program design and physical survey layout of over 19,000 km driven by known regional geology
  • Acquisition specifically targeted for sub-basalt extrusion and sill imaging in Rockall, Faroes, Shetland, and southern Norway
  • Unprecedented deep focus: 18-second records, 9,000 m cables and a specially designed, large volume source with deep tow configuration
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation providing a consistent regional framework for tying in existing seismic lines with key geologic features, in a basin- wide context
  • Improved understanding of depositional fairways and facilitates basin-wide stratigraphic correlation

Multi-Client Products

BasinSPAN surveys have a long offset and are typically depth imaged to 40 km. The programs are...