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MNSH Prime 3D is a multi-client acquisition program that covers approximately 11,530 sq km of the UK continental shelf (UKCS) of the northern fringe of the Southern Permian Basin (SPB), from Dogger Shelf to the Main Mid North Sea High (UKCS quadrants 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 41, 42, 43 and 44). The regional 3D data set will be acquired in multiple phases with the first phase completed in April 2021 and the second phase available in April 2022. The third phase data collection of the ~700 sq km survey is expected to occur from mid-September until late October 2021 with data available in Q2 2022. The quality of the data from the MNSH Prime 3D program has allowed for reservoir characterization work that, for the first time, identifies regional lateral facies variations within the Zechstein and enables the prediction of high-porosity reservoir locations.

Renewed commercial focus of the UKCS, North Sea

The UKCS of the North Sea has been producing hydrocarbons since the first seismic exploration in the mid 60’s and the SPB has been at the forefront of that exploration activity, with numerous hydrocarbon discoveries in the Carboniferous to Triassic.

The northern fringe of the SPB represents one of the last under explored sections of the prolific UK continental shelf and is now an area of industry focus after recent play-opening wells with further drilling planned. The existing infrastructure and proximity to the shore makes this an attractive location for future investment.

Revealing the potential of the complex Zechstein carbonate play

The MNSH Prime 3D program delivers a high-quality 3D seismic data set to unravel the entirety of the Upper Permian (Zechstein) Hauptdolomit carbonate play, defining the extent and providing a clear image of the protuberance of the anhydrite carbonate platform and pinnacle growths.

The UKCS portion of the SPB has historically been successful for gas exploration indeed another name for this region is the Southern North Sea Gas Basin with reservoirs mainly in the Carboniferous to Triassic and to date the Northern fringe of the Upper Permian play has remained under explored in the UK.

However, the rest of the SPB has seen successful oil campaigns on the fringe within the Zechstein e.g. Barnowko-Mostno-Buszewo field in Poland and with the UKCS fringe 42/4-1Z well containing oil with a good flow rate the play is now proven in the UKCS.

ION is leveraging new acquisition and the latest processing flows to provide high-quality 3D data that will support the oil and gas industry as they seek to maximize the value of these remaining reserves.

The MNSH Prime 3D program covers ~11,530 sq km of the UKCS

→ Phase 3 (~700 sq km) acquisition to occur mid-September until late October 2021

→ Phase 2 (~9,100 sq km) acquisition to be completed early October 2021

→ Phase 1 (~1,850 sq km) acquired; full flow TTI PSDM completed April 2021

→ 3D coverage and improved imaging over vintage data sets

→ Continual survey for regional interpretation

Multi-Client Products

3D Data
ION has built on the deep geological knowledge and successes of its SPAN programs to create 3D...