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Black Sea Scientific Exploration Program

Located in an oil-rich part of the world, the Black Sea is emerging as a promising area for hydrocarbon development in Europe and the Middle East. A recent wave of exploratory drilling is beginning to prove the potential of the region. Although relatively little is known about the complex area, conservative estimates would put the Black Sea’s potential at more than 10 billion barrels of oil.

This seismic survey of the Black Sea was conducted under the direction of JSC Soyuzmorgeo for an academic consortium, Marine Scientific Exploration Program: Investigation of Deep Structures and Geodynamics of the Black Sea. The new high-quality data provides critical insights into this complicated, prolific area, modifying existing theories about the basin. Consisting of more than 9,100 km of 2D data, the program ties existing wells and provides interpretation of key tectonic and stratigraphic elements.

The Black Sea program is a scientific exploration study conducted in affiliation with Geology Without Limits and Soyuzmorgeo.

  • Better understand the deep geological structures of the Black Sea
  • Determine the geodynamic scheme of the basement and delineate crustal types
  • Detect indicators for Cretaceous, Paleogene and Neogene volcanism
  • Determine the Pre-Cenozoic complexes within the deep-water and shelf areas
  • Develop unified geodynamic scenarios and evolutionary models of the Black Sea basin
  • Provides a consistent, high quality dataset across the Black Sea
  • Creates an integrated description of the entire Black Sea basin from basement to sea bottom
  • Links with key wells and available 2D and near shore 3D surveys
  • Integrates the seismic lines with onshore outcrops by means of field studies

Multi-Client Products

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