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The northwest shelf of Australia remains an under-explored, frontier region. Over the years successive traditional regional seismic surveys have failed to image the deeper Mungaroo structure and the stratigraphy and petroleum systems present are poorly understood. ION acquired WestraliaSPAN to provide a state of the art, basin scale framework across the entire Westralia Superbasin.

The WestraliaSPAN survey was designed by ION to image down to the base crust with a 6,300 cubic inch source, 10,050 meter cable and 18 second record intervals utilizing proven deep tow techniques to produce a step-change in deep imaging for the Northwest Shelf. The program includes data acquisition and processing totaling 14,000 km.

  • Understand general source, structure, reservoir and seal character and mechanisms of the region, particularly the prerift Triassic basin
  • Build a comprehensive basin model to aid in determining hydrocarbon maturation; heat flow modeling and structural evolution
  • Cover the northern portion of the Dampier sub-basin, the Lewis Trough
  • Establish total sediment thickness and regional stratigraphic framework

  • Provide a consistent seismic regional framework that ties into existing seismic lines
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation
  • Improved understanding of key geologic features from a basin-wide context
  • Applies technical specifications of acquisition, data processing and depth imaging

Multi-Client Products

2D Data
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