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BightSPAN is a regional geologic study of southern Australia’s Ceduna Sub-basin and Bight Basin, encompassing approximately 6,400 km of multi-client seismic data. Leveraging ION’s most advanced processing and depth-imaging expertise, including pre-stack time migration (PSTM) and pre-stack depth migration (PSDM), BightSPAN seeks to establish and develop new plays. BightSPAN features a comprehensive interpretation that includes mapping of the area’s active petroleum systems and identifying the likely limits of new and existing plays.

  • Designed to deliver new insights into the architecture of the Ceduna Sub-basin, in particular deeper parts of the basin that are poorly understood and underexplored
  • Examine existing and expose new play types
  • Better understand general source, structure, reservoir and seal character of the region
  • Build comprehensive basin model to aid in determining hydrocarbon maturation, heat flow modeling and structural/tectonic evolution
  • Tie key wells in the region
  • Establish total sediment thickness and regional stratigraphic framework
  • Program design and layout are driven by known geology and client input providing a consistent seismic regional framework that ties into existing seismic lines
  • 18-second records, 10,200 m streamer
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation
  • Improved understanding of key geologic features, placing them in a basin-wide context
  • Applies technical specifications of acquisition, data processing and depth imaging of the seismic data

Multi-Client Products

2D Data
ION has geophysical superiority in processing and imaging that has been proven time and again in...
BasinSPAN surveys have a long offset and are typically depth imaged to 40 km. The programs are...