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Acquired in multiple phases and consisting of approximately 17,000 km of new seismic data, Eastern Russia ArcticSPAN (ERAS) is a regional seismic survey located offshore Russia. The programs, which extend from the Laptev Sea eastward to the Chukchi Shelf, have greatly improved the understanding of this remote area.

The ERAS programs were designed across known structural and stratigraphic provinces and new plays, and tie to existing ChukchiSPAN data. Together, the surveys provide the most complete geologic portrayal of the region and the depth-imaged data comprises the only dataset of its kind available for this region.

ERAS SPAN Programs

  • ERAS I – Acquired over two areas: the Russian portion of the Chukchi Sea in the vicinity of Wrangel Island and the Laptev Sea near the New Siberian Islands (~ 7,500 km of data)
  • ERAS II – Designed for deep imaging to the base of the crust (~ 5,225 km of data)
  • ERAS III – Images the East Siberian Sea and the Russian Chukchi (~9,000 km of data)
  • Images down to and below the base of the crust
  • Enables regional mapping of the Moho discontinuity and the top of the crystalline basement
  • Links the major stratigraphic sequences from the petroliferous Alaska North slope and extends these out along the Chukchi Platform margin into the North Chukchi Basin
  • Insight into the Wrangel Island area, which is underlain by thinned and potentially extended continental crust
  • Indicates the North Chukchi margin as a strike-slip boundary rather than a simple passive margin
  • Both the North Chukchi Basin and Laptev Sea areas contain up to 12 km of prospective Late Cretaceous and Tertiary sediments
  • Affirms several unexplored sedimentary basins and knowledge of contiguous petroleum systems in the region

Multi-Client Products

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