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NigeriaSPAN is a regional, basin-scale seismic program comprised of two phases. The programs consist of more than 12,000 km of data acquired in the Gulf of Guinea and the Republic of Nigeria. Lines from the Niger Delta extend across the Cameroon volcanic line to tie with discoveries in the EquatorSPAN and CongoSPAN areas.

NigeriaSPAN extends from the shallow near shore to the deepwater, and along the Cretaceous shelf margin of Benin Basin. The program is designed to provide a tight control to the imaging of the structural provinces and provide improved basement architecture and transform fault delineation.

Using data from our BrasilSPAN and West AfricaSPAN programs, ION geophysicists and regional petroleum geologists are correlating the conjugate ties between these two regions. The data reveals striking similarities in the structural framework of the petroleum systems on both sides of the Atlantic Margin. For this reason, the Africa programs are designed to tie with our BrasilSPAN datasets, making the programs a valuable tool to E&P operators in Africa.

  • Advance the interpretation of the petroleum systems in the Niger Delta
  • Open new play types for future explorations opportunities, while clarifying existing drilled plays and relationships
  • Gain greater understanding of the basement architecture and its potential for the deepwater Niger Delta
  • Advance understanding of shale tectonics and the region bounded by counter-regional faults
  • Pre-stack time (PSTM) and pre-stack depth (PSDM) imaging using specially designed velocity analysis techniques
  • Impressive imaging of the counter-regional faults, various akata share provinces and comprehensive understanding of the structural styles of the Delta

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