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The Kenya 3D project consists of two programs, with the main one being the Lamu Basin 3D. This is a multi-client new acquisition program covering approximately 14,000 km2 of the Lamu Basin. Subject to industry interest, the survey will be acquired in two phases, in partnership with BGP, covering the northern and the southern edges of the basin. The first phase is proposed to be acquired in advance of the upcoming offshore license round. The second program, KOR 3D (Kenya Offshore Reimaging), will commence immediately, in preparation for the upcoming license round. ION will reimage and broker ~13,000 km2 of vintage 3D offshore Kenya with an advanced PreSTM and PreSDM workflow.


The Republic of Kenya is expected to hold an offshore license round in the near term. Once complete, the enhanced seismic data will be the most modern data available in the region in support of the round. Though yet to commercially produce hydrocarbon, offshore Kenya is a proven hydrocarbon basin and the new 3D, integrated with ION’s existing 2D coverage in the region, is best suited to realizing potential new discoveries and prospects.


Offshore Kenya remains an underexplored province. The thirteen offshore exploration wells drilled to date have proven all the elements of a working petroleum system and that significant trapping geometries exist. However, exploration efforts have yet to result in the discovery of a commercial hydrocarbon accumulation. Results of previous campaigns, integrated with the new and reprocessed data from the ION programs, make this an attractive province for additional investment.

In the south, inboard of the Davie-Walu Ridge is the shallow water Tembo Trough and Simba High areas with Tertiary clastic and carbonate objectives and deeper, more frontier Cretaceous and Jurassic objectives. In the north, outboard of the Davie-Walu Ridge is the spectacular Jurassic rifted margin with both syn- and post-rift targets with complex gravitational systems present in the slope area. With an expected upcoming license round in February 2021, it is a critical time to further understand the potential of offshore Kenya.

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3D Data
ION has built on the deep geological knowledge and successes of its SPAN programs to create 3D...