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The Mozambique T4 2D seismic data program was awarded to ION and Schlumberger by INP in 2018. The 2D seismic survey is a long offset, long record, depth imaged dataset to help address the geological objectives detailed below, and to support the planned Mozambique 6th License Round.

Phase I constitutes the depth imaging of approximately 3,432 km of existing 2018 2D survey data, with Phase II amounting to approximately 8,650 km of new planned 2D acquisition.

•   To image this narrow yet complex section of the Mozambique margin from continental to oceanic crust and constrain the break-up and crustal architecture and gross margin morphology
•   Provide a regional context for the basin, specifically the timing of break-up plus the amount and distribution of magmatism at and prior to break-up
•   Develop a regional understanding of the petroleum system and hydrocarbon potential in the Angoche Basin:
          •   Distribution of potential source rocks and their likely variability along the margin
          •   Develop understanding of likely heatflows through time and space along the margin
•   Understand the relationship between the shallow water and deep water depositional systems and hence reservoir potential

•   Phase I 2D PSDM completed August 2020
•   Phase II 2D acquisition due to commence 2021
•   Continuous survey for regional interpretation, ties with EastAfricaSPAN

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