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East AfricaSPAN, located in the Indian Ocean, is a seismic program and geologic study developed specifically to increase understanding of the region’s hydrocarbon potential. The program consists of more than 37,000 km of newly acquired data, covering the offshore regions of Seychelles, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Comoros. Vast in scope, the program provides an advanced regional framework of the area’s petroleum systems.

New data in Mozambique reveals interesting fan geometries of the Rovuma delta

  • Identify basement structure, total sediment thickness, source kitchens, and favorable basin definition of the East African margins of the Indian Ocean
  • Provide an advanced regional framework for the hydrocarbon systems in East Africa through the study of the regional distribution of source rocks and wide-scale basement architecture
  • Advance the understanding of new petroleum systems in deepwater East Africa through direct ties to key wells

  • Reveals excellent imaging of the rift architecture, transfer zones, karoo rifts, and widespread, rich Jurassic source-rocks in the margin
  • Spans the entire continental margin from 20 m to more than 3,500 m water depths
  • Links to pre-existing seismic coverage, creating a contiguous program for the entire East African margin

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