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East Africa Lakes Reprocessing survey contains approximately 6,800 km of reprocessed legacy data. This survey is comprised of four lakes: Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi, Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria. ION’s reprocessed data provides new insight into the deepest, previously unimaged, areas of the lakes where various petroleum plays are present and indicate prospectivity that could rival exploration success. 

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Lake Tanganyika Legacy and Reprocessed Data Examples.

  • Improve the imaging of the deep sedimentary section and crustal architecture for the Tertiary Rift basins of East Africa, through modern, proprietary data reprocessing
  • Accurately constrain the structural and tectonic evolution for the basins within the East African Rift System
  • Investigate the non-marine depositional setting for identified turbidite and sheet sand and potential source rock intervals
  • Map the extent and thickness sedimentary section (potentially >2,500 meters) within the rift system, including identification of volcanic features and intervals
  • Investigate the relationship and potential extension of onshore geologic domains into the modern lacustrine setting of the rift basins
  • Produce data quality sufficient to establish models for various play systems in different structural styles and ages of rift
  • Improve understanding of the potential for previously unrecognized or underexplored oil and gas plays
  • Establish a regional framework for exploration based on data uplift and greater knowledge base for the EARS
  • Reprocessed 2D seismic data using the most recent time and depth work flow
  • In excess of 6,000km of previously unavailable depth migrated data in the East African rift
  • Ensures delivery of superior insight into the geologic evolution of the area while improving understanding of source kitchens
  • Like for like comparison of the potential of each of the lakes

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ION has geophysical superiority in processing and imaging that has been proven time and again in...