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ComorosSPAN™ is a regional seismic survey across the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean between the East Africa mainland and Madagascar consisting approximately of 8,000 km of new seismic data. The outlying area of the Ruvuma Delta where the island nation lies is an emerging prolific hydrocarbon region making the proposed survey a valuable prospect to optimize exploration programs. With 20,000 km of data previously acquired in the East AfricaSPAN™ surveys, ComorosSPAN ties together existing ION surveys in the region.

  • Mapping of the outer stratigraphy of the Rovuma delta system to understand extent and quality of the reservoir and source systems
  • Integration of the stratigraphic mapping with heat flow estimates to understand the likely depths to oil and gas windows to comprehend potential source maturity
  • Definition of the stratigraphic and crustal architecture in the area to the north and east of the Comoros Islands
  • 10 km offsets, 18 second record length, and a special source designed for optimal, deep imaging
  • Deep tow acquisition technology and PSDM imaging by ION to provide insight into the crustal thickness in the region
  • Provide regional ties across existing seismic surveys and deep exploration wells

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