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Our library of Africa data offers multi-client seismic coverage in Sub Saharan Africa, spanning over 20 countries with a total of ~100,000 km of 2D data and up to 24,000 km2 of 3D data.

Live Guided Data Tours

Join us virtually by scheduling a live data tour to see our latest images from our multi-client programs.

Highlighted Programs


ION has recently completed the PSDM of the NamibeSPAN program, consisting of 3,600 km of broadband 2D Seismic over the southern Namibe Basin in Angola.

Mauritania 3D

A multi-client reimaging program that initially covers approximately 24,000 km2 of the Mauritanian offshore coastal basin.


A regional, basin-scale 2D seismic survey that is designed to image the basin architecture of the various basins along the Namibian margin and to constrain potential petroleum systems offshore western Africa.

Onshore Kwanza Basin, Angola

The dataset covers approximately 25,000 sq. km and spans over 23 blocks, six of which will be up for the 2020/21 Kwanza License round.