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Throughout the years, ION has concentrated on developing technology to improve seismic image quality and reduce exploration and production risk for E&P operators and geophysical service providers. ION is dedicated to improving seismic imaging technology, increasing operational efficiency of the acquisition process in the field, shortening the time associated with the planning-acquisition-processing cycle, and reducing the environmental impact of seismic operations throughout the world.

Through the development and deployment of advanced technologies and services across the entire seismic lifecycle, from survey planning to field acquisition, data processing and final image rendering, ION has created a comprehensive toolkit for acquiring high-resolution subsurface images that can be delivered faster and at a lower cost. By providing integrated solutions that close the gaps in seismic workflow, ION significantly improves image quality and reduces the risks associated with oil & gas exploration and reservoir development and production.

We have positioned ourselves with the equipment, technology, and people necessary to take on the toughest challenges in E&P exploration. Our history has proven our dedication to innovation and we are committed to advancing our technology and services to solve the toughest imaging and operational challenges in the industry.

Founded in 1968
System One
Publicly Traded on NASDAQ
The company's first BasinSPAN multi-client data library.

Founded in 1968 as Input/Output (I/O), a provider of highly specialized, seismic source sychronization equipment


System One

Introduced System One, an advanced land seismic acquisition system capable of recording more than 8,000 channels of data. System One made 3D seismic surveys cost-effective on land, helping the exploration and production (E&P) industry make the transition from 2D to 3D data acquisition.


System Two

Launched System Two, the first 24-bit distributed seismic acquisition system that dramatically increased the dynamic range of recorded seismic signals, helping to improve subsurface images. System Two also allowed 3D seismic surveys to emphasize signal enhancement, which greatly enhanced data and image quality.


Publicly Traded

ION became publicly traded on NASDAQ in 1991, and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in November 1994.

Acquired the cable and connector groups of Tescorp, Inc. providing ION with the cables necessary to operate our land acquisition systems. The acquisition eventually allowed the company to develop VectorSeis Ocean (VSO), our ocean bottom acquisition system.


Acquired GMG

Acquired the software company Green Mountain Geophysics, Inc. (GMG). Founded in 1979, GMG provides interactive geophysical software support, training, and consulting for seismic survey design and planning, along with post-survey refraction statics analyses. With the addition of GMG's seismic survey planning software, MESA, we expanded our offerings through the entire seismic workflow from survey design to advanced imaging.


Acquired DigiCOURSE

Acquired DigiCOURSE, expanding our product and service capabilities into the marine environment. The company, which was founded in 1971, designs and manufactures industry-leading positioning systems for towed streamer and seabed seismic acquisition for 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic surveys.


Introduce System 4 and Acquired Pelton Company, Inc

Introduced System Four, which supported the complexity of higher channel count operations and shear wave data acquisition, delivering broader bandwidth data and improved image quality for the oil & gas companies. Most importantly, System Four was designed to be compatible with VectorSeis, our cutting-edge digital sensor.

Pelton Company, Inc. was acquired, strengthening our land acquisition toolkit with the addition of energy source control systems. As a leader in seismic vibrator control systems, vibrator positioning systems using GPS, and explosive energy control systems, Pelton's technology played a vital role in our land operations.


GulfSPAN and Acquired AXIS

GulfSPAN, the company's first BasinSPAN multi-client data library, was introduced. Developed to help oil & gas companies increase their production capabilities, BasinSPANS are customized surveys that gather basin-wide, ultradeep seismic data to provide enhanced insight into rock structures and reservoirs. Our Integrated Seismic Solutions team has continued to expand our BasinSPANS programs around the world and in 2010 hit a milestone of 250,000 km of global seismic data.

Acquired AXIS Geophysics, which opened the door for ION to offer advanced seismic data processing including anisotropic processing, AVO (amplitude variation with offset) analysis, and azimuthal velocity modeling.


Acquired GXT & Concept Systems, and Deployed VSO

Acquired GX Technology Inc. a leading provider of advanced seismic data processing and subsurface imaging solutions.

Concept Systems Ltd., a leading supplier of real-time navigation and data integration software and services, was acquired. Concept Systems offers command and control products for 2D, 3D, and 4D towed streamer and seabed seismic surveys.

First deployment of VectorSeis Ocean (VSO), ION's revolutionary marine system for acquiring full-wave seismic data from the seabed. Leveraging ION's award-winning VectorSeis digital, full-wave sensor, VSO delivers enhanced image quality and improved productivity compared to conventional ocean-bottom cable systems.



Launched the industry's first full-wave cableless land acquisition system: FireFly. Revolutionizing the industry, FireFly allows companies to design flexible surveys in rough terrain, acquire high-density seismic data, and reduce HSE risks associated with seismic acquisition.


Acquired ARAM Systems Ltd.

ION broadened our land equipment offering with the acquisition of ARAM Systems Ltd., a Canadian-based provider of cable-based land seismic recording systems. Integrating ARAM's technology into our existing land equipment portfolio has generated a more extensive offering of equipment and services to customers and has expanded our global customer base.



INOVA Geophysical, a joint venture with BGP, was launched. The joint venture company merges ION's cutting-edge land recording equipment with BGP's expertise in land seismic operations to create an enterprise capable of offering leading technology and experienced service to our global customer base.



ION increases ownership in OceanGeo to 100%. OceanGeo is a global geophysical company specializing in multicomponent ocean bottom seismic acquisition. The company provides a full suite of ocean bottom seismic services, including survey design, planning, and optimization, data acquisition, geophysical QC and, through ION, data processing, interpretation, and reservoir services.