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Invested in Innovation

Since our founding as a land seismic equipment company over 40 years ago, we have grown and evolved to become a leading provider of integrated geophysical solutions to the E&P industry. We have a reputation for pushing the limits of conventional thinking and a rich history of innovation.

We were the first to commercialize MEMS digital sensors, cableless acquisition technology using digital sensors, and Reverse Time Migration. We also pioneered leading technologies like multicomponent and wide azimuth acquisition and processing. We are relentless in our drive to develop new technologies and approaches that answer today's and tomorrow's E&P challenges.

Advancing Technology

We are a research-driven company, global in scope, and client-centered in our mission. We believe research excellence is the key to better technology, and we've built research capabilities with exceptional breadth, depth, and the freedom to go beyond conventions. Research is not simply a priority - it is part of what defines and distinguishes us.

We believe collaboration is the fuel for innovation. Meaningful relationships with our clients and our partners are essential to spurring ideas and to solving challenges. ION is dedicated to improving geophysical technology, increasing seismic acquisition efficiency, shortening the planning-acquisition-processing life cycle, and reducing the environmental impact of seismic operations throughout the world.