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Digital Media Library

Our Latest YouTube Videos

Arctic Exploration as a Repeatable Business Process

Presented by Shawn Rice at SEG 2014

Unconventional Workflows for Unconventional Reservoirs

Presented by Paul Brettwood at SEG 2014

Access and Exploration Opportunities, New Potential in Frontier and Mature Basins
Presented by Brian W. Horn at SEG 2014

Characterizing Marcellus Fracturing Using P-wave Azimuthal Velocity Attributes
Presented by Edward Jenner at SEG 2014

Realistic DFN Model Building Using Deterministic Data

Presented by Dr. Simon Emsley at EAGE 2014

WiBand – The Flexible Solution for Broadband Marine Seismic

Presented by David Brookes at EAGE 2014

Optimized Model Building in a Complex Earth
Presented by John Brittan at EAGE 2014

General Move Out Tomography

Presented by Brent Mecham 

Optimized Model Building in Complex Geology
(SEG 2013 presentation)

Data Processing - Learn more about our data processing methods and applications.

WiBand - Flexible de-ghosting solution for streamer data, presented by Artur Tatarata

Multi-parameter Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) with Attenuation, Anisotropy and Well Constrainst

Confident Decisions from Tested Models - RTM3, presented by Agata Comas

Anisotropic PreSTM Imaging for Unconventional Reservoirs, presented by Edward Jenner at the CSEG Technical Luncheon

Differential Technologies for Fractured Reservoirs, presented by Mark Wallace

Reverse Time Migration, presented by David Jones

Wide Azimuth, presented by David Jones

BasinSPANS - Gain an in-depth understanding of some of our seismic data programs.

ArcticSPAN, presented by Joe Gagliardi

BrasilSPAN, presented by Steve Henry

GMG Software - Get the latest updates about MESA software.

MESA 12, presented by Dave Cunningham

Marine Systems - Learn more about our acquisition systems and technology.

Intelligent Acquisition - Real-time Marine Seismic Survey Optimization, presented by Jeff Cunkelman

VSO II, presented by Tim Rigsby


Visit our YouTube Channel to view more videos and presentations

Areas of Expertise - Learn more about our unique approach to solving our client's toughest challenges

Why ION - Corporate Overview

Challenging Environments

Collaboration in Action - Discover the stories behind our most memorable collaborations with oil & gas operators

Arctic Seismic Programs

Reservoir Characterization 

Subsalt Imaging 

BasinSPANS - Learn more about the distinctive aspects of some of our most popular seismic data programs.

BasinSPANS Overview





Data Processing Centers - Find out what makes our data processing centers unique.

Denver Center

Houston Center 

London Center 

Guide-ION: Egypt


Marine Seismic Acquisition - See our seismic technologies in action.

[IA] Streamer Steering

[IA] Arctic Solution 

DigiBIRD Enhancements