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Customer Support & Training

Experience - Knowledge - Trust

24/7 - Customer Support

Our commitment to delivering industry leading products is reinforced by the customer service and support we provide.  Our engineers are dedicated to providing quality support to all of our customers – delivered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We take pride in our Customer First Approach. This is consistently reflected by the exceptional feedback we receive from our customers.

ION’s Field Engineers

  • Fully certified for international offshore activity and employed full time by ION
  • Office and offshore based
  • 5+ years’ experience in the oil and gas
  • Extensive expertise in the remote support of over 50 vessels and more than 20 seabed crews
  • Experience gained from over 1600 surveys and operations
  • Excellent knowledge of third party systems to which ION products are interfaced

Technical Support

  • Product based teams –25 field engineers
  • Local support representation in Houston, Moscow and Beijing offices
  • Support for our clients with installs, upgrades, health checks, and complex and specialised operations
  • Fully equipped suite for local issue management with an ability to replicate operations / configurations
  • Technology Infrastructure Library (TIL) service management compliant operations that focus on aligning IT services with the needs of your business
  • Help desk or online contact system

How to contact us:

Our customer service team can be contacted via phone or email:


We provide 24/7 phone support via the following numbers:

  • Orca/Spectra:
    +44 (0) 783 664 7805
  • Gator - Seabed:
    +44 (0) 7747 115 422
  • Marlin – Marine Operations Optimisation:
    +44 (0) 7810 773 157 


Please make sure that you include your full contact details and a short description of the issue you need assistance with.

  • Orca/Spectra:
  • Gator - Seabed:
  • Marlin – Marine Operations Optimisation:


ION training courses are hands-on and designed for the tasks navigators are required to perform in the field. With the emphasis on practice, each course provides the navigator with the opportunity to use the software in a risk-free environment. 

Email csltraining@iongeo.com for more information or to schedule a course

Course Overviews

  • Orca - Towed Streamer Command & Control
  • Gator – Seabed Command & Control
  • Marlin – Marine Operations Optimizations
  • Mesa – Geophysical Design Tool
  • Other