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Products and Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

ION has been delivering pioneering technologies to the seismic industry for more than 40 years. E&P operators and contractors count on us to be bold in our approach to solving their toughest imaging and operational challenges. Our mission is to develop advanced seismic technologies that provide the clearest seismic images and deliver the end result with the utmost speed, efficiency, and HSE sensitivity.

We have assembled a comprehensive toolkit that has applications not only in exploration but in all phases of the E&P lifecycle. From survey design and seismic data acquisition systems to seismic data processing and interpretation, our expansive offerings provide E&P operators and contractors with the tools to acquire the highest quality seismic data.

Survey Design and
Feasibility Studies
Field Acquisition Specialists
Ice Management
Simultaneous Operations
Survey Design Software

Ocean Bottom
Seismic Services
Ocean Bottom Seismic Systems
& Equipment
Towed Streamer Systems
& Equipment
Rugged Seismic Acquisition Technologies for Efficient Acquisition

Advanced Imaging
Full-wave Imaging
Arctic Processing 
Land Processing
Marine Processing
Ocean Bottom Processing
Worldwide Projects & Centers

E&P Advisors
Reservoir Services