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Optimization Software and Services

ION is a leading provider of navigation command & control systems for offshore seismic acquisition through Gator and Orca as well as survey design software through MESA. We also offer seismic survey planning and optimization services for 2D, 3D and 4D surveys for both towed streamer and ocean bottom environments. Our latest software offering, Marlin, provides seismic contractors and E&P operators with situational awareness for simultaneous operations.

For over 30 years, our software and services teams have been committed to delivering innovative, client-driven solutions to the global E&P industry. Our dedication to continuous development ensures that our customers not only have access to, but also help define the latest advances in acquisition technology.


Click on the product map to learn more about each ION offering:


  • Survey Design and Planning
    • Mesa – MESA is a robust and flexible toolkit for optimizing geophysical survey designs for onshore, offshore and transition zone environments. Advanced geophysical attribute analysis, including state-of-the-art illumination tools, enhance survey results and enable cost-effective acquisition operations.
  • Command and Control
    • Orca – Orca command and control is the industry standard in towed streamer command and control. It is utilized on 2D, 3D, high resolution and complex multi-vessel programs including 4D and WATS. Orca provides integration, control and visualization. It also allows centralization and automation of planning, optimization, navigation processing and reporting functions.
    • Gator – Gator command and control is designed to meet the unique challenges of distributed, multi-vessel ocean bottom seismic, transition zone, and electromagnetic data acquisition. The system is extremely flexible and scalable to configure and control single vessel operations to highly complex surveys spanning multiple vessels and acquisition systems.
  • Smarter Management of Maritime Operations
    • Marlin – Marlin is the only commercially available marine management system that combines temporal project planning with 3D spatial situational awareness. Marlin integrates AIS, GPS, GIS, MetOcean and visual data between onshore operations, offshore structures and other vessels to create a common operational picture for wide range of operations.
  • 3D/4D Acquisition Optimization Services
    • Our experienced team of software developers and survey operations experts provide cutting-edge 3D & 4D acquisition optimization services, including advanced seismic interference planning and management. Our services deliver enhanced data quality and improved productivity across all survey types.
  • Training and 24/7 Support
    • We offer a range of high quality training classes for each product plus support services built on real-world expertise to help optimize your field operations.