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Marlin For Optimizing Maritime Operations

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Whether you operate a busy offshore oil and gas asset, track marine fleet traffic in harbors, or manage supply vessel scheduling around wind farms, significant challenges abound across operational efficiency, safety, environmental compliance and total cost of ownership for diverse maritime assets.

Established plans in any offshore environment change more often than not, due to individual vessel schedule adjustments, weather or sea-state changes, or just knock-on effects in your supply chain. Unanticipated plan modifications can reduce your cost effectiveness, or worse, create an HSE exposure.

Plan, Visualize, Control and Optimize in the Offshore Environment

Akin to modern air traffic control systems, Marlin provides a unique digital platform that enables multiple stakeholders to share and visualize vessel route plans, foresee and avoid conflicts between vessels and fixed assets, optimize schedules safely within a rules-based environment, and measure and improve asset performance.

Marlin is a secure Cloud-based solution designed to maximize the safety and efficiency of complex offshore operations, which automatically integrates theatre-wide data sources in real-time (AIS, GIS, GPS, Radars, Satellite, MetOcean) with operational plans. Marlin is the only commercially available system combining temporal project planning with 3D spatial awareness.

We provide scalable, integrated views that span organizational needs, from managing worldwide fleet deployments, to coordinating regional projects or assets, to analysing individual vessel performance. Marlin can enable activities ranging from fleet right-sizing, to local scheduling optimization, to vessel fuel usage and speed conformance.

The system provides shared real-time views for onshore and offshore personnel, customized reports and dashboards, and post-mission analytics with specific event playback from the Marlin database.

Track Record for a Unique Solution

Marlin has been successfully deployed for a large range of customers worldwide, across varied use cases, and since its launch in 2015 has been used on over 50 projects by July 2017. Most early deployments have been delivered on a project basis, where Marlin addressed specific operational complexities and was often delivered through our Offshore Services organization.

These deployments have spanned marine operations in arctic ice, optimization of time-lapse seismic surveys co-mingled with busy oil and gas operations, AUV flight planning and optimization, integrated offshore activity planning, and shore-based marine control centers. Marlin consistently unites and engages personnel across activities and is proving invaluable around event transparency; almost every project is followed by requests for extensive mission playback from the system. Marlin is supporting a step change as offshore industries move from traditional manual processes in their operations, towards digital solutions that integrate and share information in real time to enable better, safer decisions.