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Noise Removal

All seismic data contains noise, and the best way to attack that noise varies. Noise problems vary by the acquisition domain, whether it's land or marine, but there are commonalities in understanding the solution. Clearly, the noise generator is critical in solving the problem, as is understanding the unique characteristics of the receivers (analog versus digital) used during acquisition.

Common Land noise issues include:

  • Coherent: Road noise, drill rigs noise, and 60 or 50hz electric noise
  • Coherent source generated: Ground roll and air blast
  • Random: Wind noise and cultural noise

Common Marine noise issues include:

  • Coherent: Infrastructure noise, other seismic vessels, and the vessel itself
  • Random: wave and tow noise

Noise Removal Tools by ION's Imaging Services Team

Noise problems impact the interpretation of the final images as they affect the imaging algorithms and can mask the real data. Our team has written custom data processing modules to handle this noise. We make all noise processing decisions within the final imaging context. It is our image-driven nature that differentiates our solutions to noise problems.

Tools to attenuate noise issues include:

  • SWD noise
  • Radial filtering
  • Despike

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