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Ocean Bottom Seismic Data Processing

ION is an industry leader in providing visionary solutions to ocean bottom seismic (OBS) data acquisition and imaging challenges. We have assembled a team of industry-recognized experts that has delivered more than 50 global OBS data processing projects.

We understand the noise conditions unique to ocean bottom cable and node (OBC/OBN) acquisition and have pioneered techniques to leverage dual-sensor data to attenuate receiver-side multiples and broaden the signal frequency spectrum. We have also developed a comprehensive suite of advanced algorithms that leverage both P-wave and converted wave data to dramatically improve complex subsurface imaging and reservoir attribute analysis in the seabed environment.

Key technologies we offer for the seabed environment include:

Ocean Bottom Seismic Data Processing Data Examples

Examples of high-quality PP (top) and PS (bottom) PreSTM images PP Time Image
PP Time
Based on the PreSTM images in the PP and PS Data Examples tab. PP and joint PP/PS inversions show detailed stratigraphic information from Vp/Vs ratios and density inversions, as well as an excellent correlation to wells.