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Pre-stack Time Migration

When depth migration is not warranted, and the geology requires only time imaging, pre-stack time migration (PreSTM) is the logical solution. ION has developed an amplitude-preserving Kirchhoff PreSTM routine that is ideal for imaging moderately complex geologic conditions or velocity fields, that don't require pre-stack depth migration (PreSDM).

The ION Difference

Our methodology is not constrained by straight ray approximation, but instead uses a turning ray approach that can image very steep or overturned seismic events. Capable of accounting for ray bending at angles up to 150 degrees, our technique ensures there is no bias in the velocity estimates or in the positioning of steep dips.

Benefits of PreSTM

Designed for 2D and 3D land and marine seismic data, the PreSTM algorithms used by our imaging team offer superior amplitude and bandwidth preservation. The results include:

  • Better event coherency
  • Improved lateral resolution
  • Gathers that are ideally suited as inputs into AVO analysis, especially in areas of moderately complex geology