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Marine Data Conditioning

To optimize seismic data for advanced pre-stack time migration (PreSTM) and Pre-stack depth migration (PreSDM), data conditioning is required to enhance raw data signal-to-noise. Relative amplitude processing, rigorous noise analysis (and its removal with appropriate tools), and stringent quality control using proprietary techniques are all critical elements to accomplish this goal.

Vast Experience in Data Conditioning

ION excels at conditioning marine-acquired data during pre-processing. The imaging team has a comprehensive suite of data validation and QC tools capable of rapidly detecting and correcting geometry errors, cold-water static perturbations, and sequence, shot, and channel amplitude anomalies. In addition, the team has special techniques to correct for seabed topography, with methods to attenuate spikes, noise bursts, the water bottom, and other surface-related multiples. Our SRME algorithm is tailored for these tasks and works well in both deep and shallow water environments.

Marine Offerings

Key offerings within our marine data conditioning portfolio include: