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Pre-stack Depth Migration

Pre-stack depth migration (PreSDM) is critical in areas where there are significant and rapid lateral or vertical changes in the velocity that would unacceptably distort PreSTM images, including areas characterized by subsalt structures.

Recognized Leader in PreSDM

ION is a recognized leader in PreSDM. We have been applying our PreSDM technology world-wide for years, helping oil & gas companies reduce drilling risk in geologically complex areas. We are committed to maintaining our technological and operational leadership in the area of PreSDM, continually improving the run-time performance of our sophisticated migration methods, without sacrificing the quality of our results.

Benefits of ION's PreSDM

Our Kirchhoff approach is well suited for imaging very steep and overhanging structures, when velocity anisotropy is present, or when both accurate depth structure and amplitude preservation are required. Because our PreSDM algorithm preserves amplitude, its gathers are ideal for AVO studies. Our solution also offers advanced features, such as turning rays for imaging very steep dips and overhangs, and can compensate and address anisotropic conditions. And because it is significantly faster than other Kirchhoff tools, our "no compromise" approach in selecting depth imaging parameters results in higher quality subsurface images in less time.

ION offers a comprehensive toolkit of PreSDM technologies: