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RTM3: Real-Time Model Morphing and Migration

As the challenges for imaging subsalt reservoirs become more complex, E&P companies continue to look for fast and efficient ways to reduce their risk and improve drilling success. The proven leader in reverse time migration (RTM), ION has developed RTM3: a suite of tools that allow salt models to be modified very quickly within the RTM software.

Test ‘What if' Scenarios in a Matter of Hours

In the past, changing the model to rapidly test different scenarios was not feasible because of the time required. RTM3 was designed to give interpreters enhanced modeling flexibility and deliver ‘what if' scenarios within a few hours, instead of days. Salt body modifications include:

  • Addition of inclusions
  • Modification of salt wing and keels
  • Weld thickness

Features and Benefits of RTM3

  • Streamlined production - Our specialized front end streamlines the job submission and parameterization process, without sacrificing image quality.
  • Intuitive modeling tools - Combined with the speed of our RTM technology, RTM3 is extremely fast and builds most ‘what if' scenarios a few hours. Drilling teams can use RTM3 as a valuable tool in their planning process.
  • 3D model morphing - Codes can be expanded to work with many types of salt body modifications. All the model morphing tools are designed to work in 3D, enabling rapid model changes and enhanced modeling flexibility.
  • Remote access - Fast, easy, and secure access to your data and the software from your office.
  • Full frequency, full aperture - Experience all the production benefits of RTM.

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