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AVO and Inversion

While traditional AVO (amplitude variation with offset) methods are well known industry standards, ION has developed next-generation AVO tools and approaches. Building on the solid foundation of our AZIM anisotropic processing method, we developed a new technique that extends the utility and application of the technique - WAVO (wavelet-based AVO).

Wavelet-based AVO (WAVO) Helps Reduce Drilling Risk

WAVO technology is designed to overcome the limitations of conventional AVO in more complex data environments, particularly areas with thinly-bedded or fractured reservoirs, and low signal-to-noise ratios. WAVO utilizes a wavelet-based (rather than sample-by-sample) AVO calculation that improves the accuracy of two and three-term AVO, as well as azimuthally varying AVO. This technology enhances the ability to identify and evaluate AVO anomalies to more accurately predict lithology and fluid changes.

WAVO Advantages over Conventional AVO

  • Less noisy AVO gradient calculations
  • Better defined lithologic trends with intercept-versus-gradient crossplots
  • More readily discernable AVO anomalies in both crossplot and attribute volumes for more accurate interpretation
  • Elimination of false AVO anomalies created by tuned reflections
  • Better ties to AVO models from the well data
  • More statistically robust results