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4D Imaging

Extracting the full value from time-lapse seismic surveys (4D) requires high levels of competence in advanced 3D imaging, data conditioning, velocity modeling, and PreSDM, along with the application of methods unique to the 4D workflow.

Strong Foundation in 4D Imaging

As a leader in complex 3D imaging, we have a strong foundation from which to pursue 4D imaging projects. Our imaging services team uses state-of-the-art processing techniques to ensure noise suppression, multiple attenuation, data regularization, and amplitude and phase matching across successive surveys.

We can also apply the following techniques to reservoirs characterized by complex geological regimes, such as steeply dipping or highly fractured areas:

  • Azimuthal move-out corrections
  • Rigorous high-resolution velocity analysis after migration
  • Horizon attribute analysis (to understand time-lapse images in reservoirs)

With expertise obtained from the most challenging 3D land and marine imaging projects, ION has the technology portfolio and experience to deliver on our customers' most important 4D imaging programs anywhere in the world.

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