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Seismic Data Processing and Imaging Services

Whether working with complex geologies or unconventional reservoirs, we enable our clients to reduce the risk and cost of hydrocarbon exploration and development by delivering the highest quality seismic data processing services. Our imaging experts around the globe provide oil & gas companies with the tools necessary to better define and resolve subsurface challenges, no matter how difficult or where they exist. As a recognized pioneer in prestack depth migration, ION continues to drive industry breakthroughs in key areas such as complex-azimuth, RTM, and full-wave processing. With our suite of wide azimuth (WAZ) tools, we help to unlock the potential of reservoirs both in both marine and land environments.

Image-Driven Approach

ION is 100% focused on delivering upon the imaging objectives of our customers. We start with the client's imaging objectives to uniquely define each project. We then select optimal survey design parameters, acquisition technologies, and processing workflows to meet our customers' goals and help them solve their toughest challenges.

A Full Suite of Offerings

From removing multiples in marine acquisition environments to identifying fractures in reservoirs, we offer a broad portfolio of services. Our imaging technologies include:

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