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Maximize Your VSP Investment

We offer fully integrated design, processing, and interpretation services to maximize the value of your VSP investment. We deliver value to zero/near offset VSPs with our robust processing techniques and adaptive noise attenuation tools. Our expertise with depth migration and its application to VSPs translates to quality imaging and information that can be derived from your VSPs. No matter the size or complexity of your VSP, this state-of-the-art technology leads to improved VSP imaging that helps E&P companies make more informed decisions and reduce drilling risk in these complex environments.

RTM and Beam Migration: Two Robust Migration Technologies for our VSP Processing

  • Our award-winning RTM technology allows us to offer full-wave migration technology that is especially helpful for imaging steep dips and areas around salt bodies. With RTM forward-modeling capabilities, we can help our clients effectively design their VSP acquisitions by calculating illumination zones that show what will be imaged with each design. The forward-modeling software provides valuable QC capabilities for incoming data, enabling us to identify potential issues early on and work collaboratively with clients to optimize survey designs.
  • RTM technology can deliver subsalt velocities vital for improving velocity models used for surface seismic depth migrations.
  • Multiple VSPs can be combined and integrated with surface seismic to improve imaging in poor resolution areas.
  • Our beam migration offering provides a great option for noisier land VSPs. The beam technique provides high-resolution, clear P-wave images around wells that add valuable information to the existing surface seismic data. This is especially helpful for plays where AVO analysis is necessary to understand reservoir complexities.