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Interpretation of seismic data and associated tools to reduce risk and optimize production can be very complex.  Our group of experienced geoscientists and engineers offer a wide range of interpretation services to match your business and exploration requirements, helping you identify new reserves or bypassed plays and optimize drilling programs.

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Characterizing Marcellus Fracturing Using P-wave Azimuthal Velocity Attributes

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Industry Expertise

Our fully integrated interpretations help E&P customers solve complex reservoir challenges and make enhanced ultimate recovery (EUR) decisions. Our staff is dedicated to developing and implementing proven and innovative interpretation techniques, including:

  • Geologic analysis
  • Structure mapping
  • Stratigraphic and lithologic mapping
  • Fracture detection
  • Fluid identification
  • Reservoir modeling
  • Optimized well locations
  • Hydrocarbon detection
  • Risk reduction
  • Production optimization