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UruguaySPAN provides a qualified regional framework of the Punta del Este Basin located off the coast of Uruguay, one of the southern hemisphere's most under-explored offshore regions. With roughly 2,800 km of high-quality data, the program links with our existing ArgentineSPANBrasilSPAN and PelotasSPAN surveys, imaging the northern Argentine and southern Brazilian basins.

Uruguay Reprocessing – In conjunction with UruguaySPAN, ION has reprocessed 10,000 km of 2D legacy data offshore Uruguay that covers almost all of the available acreage in the upcoming deepwater Round 3 Uruguay license round.

Program Objectives

  • Image beneath the seaward dipping reflectors and the deep crustal structure
  • Identify deep rifted basins
  • Tie to wells and regional SPAN datasets 
  • Identify main sediment input points and play fairways

Key Components

  • Provides a coherent seismic dataset across the Punta del Este Basin and provides a tie to Argentina and Brazil
  • Data acquired to image up to 40km in depth 
  • Ties existing exploration wells