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The Guianas

Use the map above to select a SPAN

The industry's heightened interest in the hydrocarbon potential off the coasts of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana has increased demand for a greater geoscientific understanding of the region.

ION’s GuyanaSPAN and French Guiana Reprocessing programs include over 7,000 km of newly acquired and newly depth-migrated data, providing additional seismic for a true, regional understanding of the petroleum potential of the area. Combined with adjacent SPAN data in offshore Brazil, the programs provide an advanced geologic framework of the petroleum systems through study of the regional distribution of source rocks, thermal history and maturation, and basin-scale architecture.

  • French Guiana Reprocessing – data coverage from the Central Atlantic in the west to the Equatorial Atlantic in the southeast
  • GuyanaSPAN - improved insights of the Demerara Plateau and Suriname basin