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Caribbean Programs

Use the map above to select a SPAN

The industry’s heightened interest in the hydrocarbon potential of the region has increased demand for greater geoscientific understanding in the Caribbean. 

ION’s Caribbean programs include over 30,000 km of newly depth-migrated data, providing additional seismic processed by ION for a true, regional dataset that delivers a more accurate understanding of the regional geology and basin architecture in the area.

  • Barbados Reprocessing - designed to further improve understanding of the Tobago Trough, Barbados Ridge, Barbados Trough forearc basins
  • CaribeSPAN Reimaging – captures the crustal framework and the evolution of this region from Grenada throughout Trinidad territorial waters
  • PanamaSPAN – located in the Caribbean waters offshore Panama
  • Trinidad Ultra Deep Tow – located in the Darien Basin east of Trinidad