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Seismic Data Programs Offshore Brazil

Use the map above to select a SPAN

With the world's largest oilfield discoveries of the past 20 years found along the coast of Brazil, it's no wonder there is significant interest in the region. The basins offshore Brazil are estimated to contain 93% of the country's oil reserves, and 80% of its natural gas reserves. Increased demand for more opportunities has opened up additional areas with excellent potential.

Spanning 13 Major Brazilian Basins

ION has acquired approximately 74,000 km of seismic data in the offshore regions of Brazil. Multiple seismic programs tie together, and integrate with UruguaySPAN to the south and GuyanaSPAN to the north, to provide a regional framework of all of the basins.

  • BrasilSPAN - Campos, Santos, Espírito-Santo, and Pelotas basins and tie to Atlantis
  • Greater BrasilSPAN - Espírito-Santo, Barreirinhas, Ceará, Foz de Amazonas, Pará-Maranão, Potiguar, Camamu-Almada, and Sergipe Alagoas Basins
  • PelotasSPAN - Pelotas Basin
  • The Picanha Program - The Ultimate 3D Dataset Offshore Brazil in the Santos and Campos Basins

Conjugate Ties to West Africa

Using data from our BrasilSPAN and AfricaSPAN programs, ION geophysicists and regional petroleum geologists are correlating the conjugate ties between these two regions. The data reveals striking similarities in the structural framework of the petroleum systems on both sides of the Atlantic Margin. For this reason, the Brazil programs are designed to tie with our AfricaSPAN datasets, making the BrasilSPAN programs a valuable tool to E&P operators in Africa.