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The Argentine Atlantic margin is one of the southern hemisphere’s most under-explored offshore regions. ION’s Argentina programs covers the Colorado, Salado, San Jorge, and San Julian basins together with the Scotian-Tierra del Fuego fold and thrust belt, as well as the Austral and Malvinas basins.

ArgentineSPAN dataset has been the only data available for almost 10 years, providing operators with a qualified regional framework and the first deep, geologically-driven image of the province’s petroleum potential. The knowledge and expertise that has been gained from working with this data has enabled us to confidently map and interpret the vintage data contained in the Austral Malvinas Data Package.

  • ArgentineSPAN – Over 11,500 km of data, acquired using offsets of 10,000 meter to 12,000 meter, a specially designed source array, and record lengths up to 18 seconds
  • Austral and Malvinas Data Package - Consists of more than 30,000 line kilometers of multi-generational 2D datasets tied to the ArgentineSPAN program