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The Argentine Atlantic margin is a relatively under-explored petroleum region. Covering the Colorado, Salado, San Jorge, and San Julian basins together with the Scotian-Tierra del Fuego fold and thrust belt, ArgentineSPAN provides depth-imaged data of the full crustal structure including the Moho. The program encompasses approximately 11,500 km of seismic data and is specifically designed to provide superior imaging of the area's major basins. In conjunction with ION's BrasilSPAN dataset, the program is designed to provide the first basin-wide, contiguous look at the petroleum systems along the South American coastline.

Program Objectives

  • Improve understanding of the geologic evolution of the Argentine Atlantic margin and its deep basin architecture
  • Provide insight into the depositional and structural histories of the entire offshore region
  • Map continental to ocean boundary

Key Components

  • Consistent study across all known basins
  • Deep crustal imaging including Moho
  • Evaluation of section thickness, maturation, and oil window components

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