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The areas from the Canadian/U.S. boundary to the prospective waters offshore southern Newfoundland have lacked a consistent regional seismic framework. ION designed NovaSPAN with the goal to better understand the regional geology and, more specifically, the deeper, less explored areas of the basin. The project provides more than 3,000 km of regional 2D seismic data that spans the area from Georges Bank through the Sable Delta to the western edge of the Laurentian Channel.

Program Objectives

  • Target deep shelf reservoirs and identify untapped reserves
  • Provide a more comprehensive understanding into the geologic evolution and basin architecture of the margins of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Key Components

  • Newly reprocessed using ION's RTM technology
  • Program design and physical layout driven by known geology, collected with 9,000 m offsets and 17-second record time
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation
  • Provides a consistent seismic regional framework to be used for tying in existing 2D and 3D seismic archives
  • Illustrates regional variation in structural style above multiple salt layers and provides insight into underlying crustal architecture of horsts, grabens, oceanic crust and fracture zones
  • Minimizes the effect of water bottom multiples with critical line placement and application of advanced technology

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