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Mississippi Lime

The Mississippi Lime, which runs throughout north-central Oklahoma and southwestern Kansas, has experienced a recent resurgence in interest. A decade ago the play was considered depleted by vertical drilling, but advances in hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling have revitalized the play. 

Rock formations are highly variable in this complex carbonate reservoir and porosity is comparatively high. In plays such as this, it is essential that operators understand rock properties to better plan drilling and completions programs, and optimize production. 

Program Objectives

ION’s multicomponent seismic approach helps operators better understand the spatial variability in rock properties and often production in the target zones of interest. ResSCAN programs provide high quality structural imaging for geohazard identification and avoidance. These programs also establish which seismic and geomechanical attributes predict key reservoir characteristics, such as rock properties and natural fracture insights. Using this information, operators can:
  • Pinpoint sweet spots
  • Optimize drilling and completions decisions 
  • Maximize production 


The BuffaloHornSCAN program is located in north-central Oklahoma. The program consists of approximately 178 square miles.

BuffaloHornSCAN data sheet