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Marcellus Shale Play

Natural gas estimates of 500 trillion cubic feet make the Marcellus shale play in the Appalachian Basin one of the more promising unconventional resources in North America. Advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have made shale production possible, the key challenge now is to do so safely and cost effectively.

Program Objectives

ION’s multicomponent seismic approach helps operators better understand the spatial variability in rock properties and often production in the target zones of interest. ResSCAN programs provide high quality structural imaging for geohazard identification and avoidance. These programs also establish which seismic and geomechanical attributes predict key reservoir characteristics, such as rock properties and natural fracture insights. Using this information, operators can
  • Pinpoint sweet spots
  • Optimize drilling and completions decisions
  • Maximize production


The Allegheny 3D 3C survey is located in the northern West Virginia counties of Preston, Taylor and Barbour. The program is approximately 85 square miles. 

AlleghenySCAN data sheet


The ClearfieldSCAN 3D 3C survey is located in Clearfield and Centre Counties, in central Pennsylvania. The program is approximately 238 square miles.

ClearfieldSCAN data sheet

GroundhogSCAN, GroundhogSCAN South and GreensburgSCAN

GroundhogSCAN, GroundhogSCAN South, and GreensburgSCAN is a three phase, 3D seismic survey located in Armstrong, Westmoreland, and Indiana Counties, Pennsylvania. The program is approximately 510 square miles.

GroundhogSCAN data sheet


LakeviewSCAN is a 3D 3C survey located in Susquehanna County, in northeastern Pennsylvania. The program is approximately 144 square miles.

LakeviewSCAN data sheet