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Campeche 3D Reimaging

The Campeche reimaging programs merges over 82,000 km2 of narrow-azimuth data and ocean bottom seismic data from the CNH, to provide the high quality images necessary for prospecting in the complex salt of the Campeche basin. Using the latest ION imaging technologies, including deghosting, SRME, RTM and tomography, we are providing a timely, cost-effective solution for evaluating this highly prospective area in advance of Mexico’s upcoming bid rounds.

Key Objectives:

  • Fulfill CNH lease sale evaluation requirements
  • Low risk, inexpensive alternative to new data acquisition
  • Improved data quality over legacy CNH data
  • Contiguous 3D volume of 30 Hz RTM and Kirchhoff TTI data over the entire 82,000 km2
Yoka CNH Legacy Beam Yoka ION Enhanced FT 30 Hz RTM TTI

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